Comparative Study of Propane and Gas Outdoor Heating

Nowadays, demand for outdoor patio heaters is increasing in various residential settings. They were usually found only in restaurants, but nowadays these outdoor heaters are very sought-after at private homes too.

So, while deciding for outdoor heater, you must keep in your mind the following plus and minus points of both outdoor propane patio heater and gas outdoor heater.


Uses of your gas line:

Any gas outdoor heaters will be connected to the gas line. Hence, you need not worry about out of fuel condition.


Any permanent gas heater for outdoors can always be installed to supply year-round warmth!


Gas is much lighter than air, so it will dissipate rapidly, and natural gas heaters are much safer than propane


Natural gas heater costs are pretty lower than any propane heaters.


Natural gases are always very clean burning!

Gets heated up immediately:

You can get warmth, just after lighting and enjoy the outdoor heating!


Requires professional installation:

For installing natural gas heater in your gas line, professional installer’s service will be needed.

Limited mobility:

After connecting gas outdoor heater with your gas line, it is not possible to move it around so easily that you can do with propane outdoor heaters.

May get affected by wind:

If there is any strong wind then gas heaters may go out. So, try to install them where it is far away from wind.

Gas leaks:

Any gas leaks can be invisible and also dangerous. If you ever smell gas and unable to find the leak, you must contact nearby fire department immediately and vacate the area.


Highly mobile and also self-contained:

You can place this propane heater almost anywhere and also you need no cord or power source to make propane heater mobile.

Heats large areas:

Most of the propane outdoor heaters are available in large “umbrella” style. Also, any mushroom shaped propane heating can heat larger areas.

Higher heat output:

Any propane outdoor heaters will produce more heat as compared to gas outdoor heaters and also you will not need so many propane heaters as compared to gas heaters.

Cons of outdoor propane heater

Easily affected by any wind:

The surrounding area of the heater can easily get affected by just little wind. Therefore, set the propane heater near fences, overhangs or walls, but always place them minimum 2’ away from ceilings and walls.

Must purchase propane:

Another drawback can be that before use you need to buy propane. Therefore, you have to make sure that you always have propane with the outdoor heater, prior trying it out.

May take little time in heating up:

Your propane outdoor heaters will not produce heat as soon as you light them. So, you will need to light them few minutes before your use.

Flammable fuel:

As propane is flammable in nature, hence it is important to be careful when using such propane heaters and always keep them away from the children.

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