3 Benefits of Using a Grid-Tied Solar Inverters

The most common type of solar power system in the United States is the grid-tied solar system. A grid tied system differs from an off-grid solar system in that it remains tied to the greater power grid and can draw from or contribute energy to the grid. An off-grid system is independent and can only use the energy it generates or stores.

While both types of solar systems have their benefits, grid tied system allow the most versatility for the homeowner. Grid tied solar inverters are a critical part of grid tied systems, as they allow for the control of usage and outflow of power to and from the grid and the home. Inverters convert the energy from the solar array from direct current to alternating current. When energy from the alternate power source doesn’t meet the household demand, the inverter can shift to draw power form the grid. Read on to learn more about the advantages of using a grid tied solar inverter.

High Efficiency

Grid tied solar inverters provide a high degree of efficiency to both homeowners and businesses. Under most circumstances, the power generated by the alternate solar power source is not enough to fully meet the demand of the household or business. In those cases, the inverter can seamlessly switch back to the grid and use the main for power. At other times, the solar array may generate more power than is needed. In those circumstances, the power can be stored in batteries or put into the grid. Most utility companies provide credits when excess alternate source power is added to the grid.

Added Safety

A grid tied inverter also offers a safety benefit. When the grid goes down after a storm, for example, the inverter will usually break the connection with the grid. That prevents power from the alternate source from trickling back into the grid, where it could injure linemen who are making repairs under the assumption the power is off. The inverters also protect your appliances from voltage surges that come from the grid or your alternate power source.

Easy to Install

Grid tied inverters are easy to install because they can be used with or without batteries. Off-grid inverters must be paired with battery storage since there is no two-way flow between the household or business and the grid. The grid tied inverter is installed between the solar panels and electrical main and the household.

Grid tied solar inverters can provide a homeowner with great versatility by allowing multiple power sources to be used. By balancing the power available from alternate sources with the power available on the grid, the inverters can help homeowners maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

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