3 Types of Swimming Pools

A swimming pool makes for a great addition to any home. You’ll have the ability to cool off during the summer and have gatherings with friends and family. While many people think about the design of the pool and the different features that are available, many are unaware that there are three different types of material the pool is made of, each with their own benefits. Understanding each of these construction materials will help you decide the best option for the construction of your pool. Here are the three different types of materials that swimming pool contractors in Atlanta can use to create your new pool.


Fiberglass pools have become quite popular due to their ease of maintenance and installation. Unlike concrete, fiberglass is smooth and non-porous which means that you are able to avoid the buildup of algae. While this growth can hide in the crevices of concrete, it doesn’t when fiberglass is used, making maintaining the pool much easier. Installing the shell of the pool is also easier and quicker when the material used is fiberglass. A concrete shell can take between three to six months to complete which means that it will be quite a while before the pool can be used. A fiberglass shell, on the other hand, only takes about two days to install, meaning that you can begin using the pool much sooner.


Concrete is the most common material used for a pool, primarily due to its customizability. People who build pools on their property often want to be able to customize their pools to how they plan on using it. For example, they may want an extremely shallow area that will allow them to insert an umbrella, table, and chairs so they can eat with their feet in the water. Concrete pools are durable and allow for greater customizability than other materials. This will allow the owner to choose their own size and shape, as well as making it easier to include a variety of custom features.

Vinyl Liner

Swimming pools can be expensive, making it difficult to afford for many families. Vinyl liner pools are the most affordable options. While they are not as durable or as easily customizable as concrete, you do have some options while spending less on the pool. This type of pool will serve the purpose you need while allowing you to afford the addition to your home.

There are many decisions to be made when you hire swimming pool contractors in Atlanta. One of these decisions is the type of material that will be used in the construction of the pool. These descriptions will assist you in making that decision.

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