Security System Without Phone Line? Let Wireless Technology Make Your Home Secure!

Landline security systems as their name suggests, make use of landline connection for functioning. However, do you really know how exactly they operate? Well, let us explore its working mechanism before we come to a conclusion whether you really need a landline for installing a security system.

How landline security systems work?

Well, whenever the alarm system gets activated, the house telephone gets used directly for notifying ADT monitoring centers that operate 24*7.  If this happens when you are already using house line on call, your security system will be taking over the line. After the monitoring center gets alerted of triggered alarm then your home line is available again for outgoing as well as incoming calls. This overall process makes sure that:

  • Alarm system is exactly doing the same job what it is designated to do i.e. notifying monitoring center of an emergency situation.
  • Allows you for using your landline after monitoring center are properly reached.

The basic ADT command security system operating using landline offers excellent 24*7 home monitoring via 2-way Voice. It enables you to communicate directly with ADT monitoring center through built-in microphone as well as receiver on alarm control panel.

Should you go for wireless security system?

These days, you don’t really require spending extra expense of a phone line to get ultimate comfort of the security monitoring. Security companies are evolving and so can you! Most of the security companies today offer wireless security as standalone service.

So how this connection is maintained? Well, it uses cell towers established near your home or even through installation of cellular transmitter installed over your property. The main benefit you can get here is that there will be no worry on losing security monitoring as a result of cut lines or any other such outages since wireless security systems doesn’t rely on landline, electrical power or internet connection.

There are even additional benefits of having security systems linked to your smart phone like remote access and text alerts from anywhere and at anytime. Moreover, you can even include some awesome additional features including locks, thermostats, remote light control, and much more in your package concerning to home security.

Moreover, this kind of cellular connection sends faster signal to central station. For example, conventional dial up systems using phone line for communication may take over 4 times longer for getting an alarm signal reach to central station. However, cellular communication may just take 6 seconds for making a connection with ADT central station. It is especially very useful in emergency situations such as medical emergencies, burglaries, and fire events.

Moreover, you can even switch to another phone service provider without any need of scheduling service call for home security system. As a matter of fact, you may even just eliminate your home phone service in case you don’t need it anymore!

It is now time for you to check out your options for wireless security system. Go for it and make your property and loved ones secure!

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