Brighten Your Room with Bronze Switch Plates

If you’re a typical homeowner, your desire to improve your home is limited by the amount of money you have to spend. Rather than go into debt with a big renovation, why not appease your longing for an upgrade by working on one room at a time? You can start small, make a tiny change and feel like you’re at least taking steps toward home improvement. One of the best ways to satisfy your inner Martha Stewart is to replace the utilitarian light switch plates with a more fancy model. This home improvement can be accomplished a bit at a time and will provide satisfaction every time to turn on the lights. Upgraded switch plates add a high quality finishing touch to any room. One of the most popular models is bronze switch plates.

Why Use Bronze?

Bronze switch plates instantly add elegance and sophistication to your room. They are constructed from cast metal or stamped steel and can be matched to any decor from old world charm to modern edginess. If your room is traditional, you might be drawn to an oil rubbed finish or an antique finish with embellished swirls and edges. More modern designs have a satin finish and a curved edge that molds to the wall. They can be either sleekly designed or include molded edges for an antique look. Bronze switch plates can be easily matched to any decor and will complement any room. The plates should never become a focal point of the room but should add the right finishing touch to it.

How to Order Switch Plates

A visit to any hardware store would be a good first step. Actually seeing and feeling the different finishes will help you with your selection. Once you’ve decided on a particular finish, check the outlets in the room you’ve earmarked for this renovation. Make a list of the configurations of covers needed and whether you want rocker or toggle switches. Make note of whether you want dimmer switches or child safety covers. When placing your order, check to make certain the company will accept returns if you’re not satisfied with the product. When the covers arrive, you’ll need a screw driver and about an hour of your time to complete the transition. This small change can go a long way toward making your home unique and totally yours. These are a few considerations when changing your plastic builder-grade covers to bronze switch plates.

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